Year 1 Superheroes!

This term we have been learning about Superheroes! We read books about Superheroes, discovered real life heroes, created our own Superhero characters and made vehicles for them and even became Superheroes ourselves in our Superhero Headquarters! 

We were surprised to learn about real life heroes such as Edward Jenner, Roald Amundsen and Amelia Earhart and how the way we live our lives has changed over time! We also learnt about the oceans of the world and made maps to our Superhero secret bases.

Year 1 really enjoyed making the Superhero cars and we had fun linking them to our measures unit in Numeracy. We tested the cars and measured how far they could travel! 

One of our favourite stories in Literacy this term has been ‘Supertato’. We were shocked to come into school one morning and find the kidnapped veg! It took a little bit of investigating but we soon discovered it was Evil Pea who was behind the crimes. We wrote stories about a new hero who could catch the Evil Pea!

Next term we are blasting off to Space and will be learning all about space travel, the space race and famous astronauts! 

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