At Westlands there is a dedicated team of Teachers, Teaching Assistants and staff who are committed to making Westlands a successful and friendly place for children, parents and staff members alike.

Mr J Taylor

Areas of Responsibilities: Leadership and Management, Safeguarding, Assessment, Health & Safety, Citizenship, British Values

Reception Class

Miss N Adams
Reception Class Teacher

Areas of Responsibility: Early Years, SENCO, RE

Mrs A Marshall
Teaching Assistant


Mrs D Gater
Teaching Assistant


Year 1

Mrs L Alderman
Year 1 Teacher

Areas of Responsibility: ICT, Art & Design, Design Technology

Mrs S Smith
Year 1 Teacher
Mr R Tittensor
Teaching Assistant

Year 2

Mrs N Gray
Year 2 Teacher

Areas of Responsibilty: Senior Management Team, Numeracy, Science, Healthy Schools

Miss V Williams
Teaching Assistant


Mrs A Brooks
Teaching Assistant

Year 3

Miss N Maddock
Year 3 Teacher

Areas of Responsibilities: Literacy

Mrs L Mould
Teaching Assistant

Year 4

Mr A Mainwaring
Year 4 Teacher

Areas of Responsibility: Music, History

Mrs K Blakeman
Teaching Assistant


Year 5

Mr C Rhead
Year 5 Teacher

Areas of Responsibilty: PE, Geography

Mrs M Wilkes
Teaching Assistant


Year 6

Mrs M Al Agouri
Deputy Head and Year 6 Teacher

Areas of Responsibilities: Leadership and Management, Safeguarding, Creative Curriculum, More Able and Talented, Health & Safety

Mrs L Cross
Teaching Assistant



Mrs C Laws
Office Manager


Mrs L Foley
Teaching Assistant (Interventions)


Mrs N Snape
Catering Manager
Miss S Higgs
Assistant Cook
Mrs J Hissey
Catering Assistant
Mrs L Burgess​
Catering Assistant