Spring Term in Year One

Spring Term was a super term in Year One! Our topic was ‘Superheroes’ 🦸🏻‍♀️🦸🏼‍♂️and we learnt lots of amazing things!

Science: We had a very exciting Science week that was based on the theme of ‘time.’ Our investigations included, what happens to fruit over time and how long it takes our heart rate to slow after different exercises. We also used our observational skills to look at changes over time and how we could change variables in an experiment.⏳

Our topic in Science was Materials. We had lots of fun sorting materials, learning which materials are most suited for certain objects, going on a material hunt around our school and learning about the different properties materials have.🔍

DT: In DT we explored simple mechanisms by designing our own moving picture books based on the Nursery Rhyme, Humpty Dumpty. We used sliders and levers to make our moving parts and created brilliant books that a younger audience could enjoy!

PE: In PE we became Gymnasts. We learnt different rolls, jumps and balances and then made sequences with the 3 elements in. We also explored the apparatus and used the beams and platforms to develop our sequences.

English: We did fantastic superhero writing in English! Our favourite book this term was ‘Supertato.’ It was very exciting when we came in one morning to find the classroom had been ransacked by Evil Pea and he had kidnapped some vegetables! 🥦🥕We made brilliant wanted posters and put them up around the school . We also enjoyed our Michael Recycle unit and did some brilliant Non-fiction writing all about Rhinos.

In Geography and History our learning linked to real life ‘Superheroes.’ We learnt all about real life heroes including Ronald Amundsen and his journey to Antarctica and the achievements of Amelia Earhart and Edward Jenner!

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