It’s Been A Busy Autumn Term in Year 6!

What a whirlwind of a time we have had already this term in Y6. The children have really engaged in their learning and are enjoying making the most their time. Our focus on Brazil and the Amazon Rainforest has produced some super creative work with art work based around Romero Britto and Henri Rousseau and lots of geography work about South America and Brazil 🇧🇷. The children are really enjoying our class novel The Explorer and have produced some great writing both about the characters and their situation. Continuing with our focus on reading the children have also enjoyed our ‘reading for pleasure’ book The Boy at the Back of the Classroom which deals with some very mature themes such as racism and refugees. The children have responded to the issues in a mature and sensitive manner. Our collaborative piece of art and PSHE work at the start of the year reflects how responsible and respectful the children are and how they share similar values which will help us to work together this year.
in science we have classified plants and animals according to different criteria, investigated the best conditions to grow mould and we are currently finding out about inheritance and adaptation. The children designed their own Mr Men and Little Miss characters based on the features they would inherit from their parents. They were very creative!
And of course we have welcomed lots of visitors including Pep the Poet, M and M Theatre Productions and Jam Coding who have shown us how to begin to make our own computer games.
There’s still some time left in the term so here’s to more super learning, fun and creativity!

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