Autumn Term In Y6

The first term in Y6 seems to have flown by . It has been lovely getting to know the children and finding out about all of their many talents! I have really noticed how more independent the children are becoming and they are really enjoying being the oldest in the school and having lots of responsibilities.

This term we have had a focus on South America and Exploring the Rainforest. The children have enjoyed finding out about the different countries that make up South America and researching their culture and what makes them special. The children have also found out lots about the rainforest and how important it is to look after it and ensure that we are doing our best to protect this important biome.

To link with our Rainforest theme the children have studied Katherine Rundell’s book The Explorer and we have been on an adventure with the 4 children as they have coped with being stranded after a plane crash. Reading the book has encouraged the children to read other Rundell stories, which they have really enjoyed.

Our science this term has helped us to have a better understanding of evolution and adaptation. We made our own fossils and looked at the work of Charles Darwin when finding out about his work on survival of the fittest and how the finches on The Galapagos Islands adapted their beaks in order to survive.

As you can see from the photos it’s not just the rainforest that we have studied we also made our own playgrounds in DT, researched different artist and their styles of art, carried out science investigations about microorganisms and currently we are learning to cross stitch -it’s been very busy.

As we approach 2024 we are looking forward to finding out about Maya and their beliefs and customs. Pop back to our page in the new year to find out what we have learnt.

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