Autumn 🍂 Term in Year 2

We have been busy during the autumn term looking at the changes that occur during this season. We have collected leaves, conkers, horse chestnuts, pine cones and pumpkins. In art we have produced some sketches and printings of them and in English we have written poems involving the senses about the autumn time.

In science lessons we have been learning about Health and Growth and what humans need in order to grow and be healthy. We have explored balanced diets and the different food groups and created our own collaged balance meals. We also made muffin pizzas and tried to include foods from the different food groups. The children explored how exercise is important for good health and how our body changes when we exercise.

We have also thoroughly enjoyed travelling back in time in history to learn about the important work of Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale and the improvements that they brought about in hospitals. The children have created Florence Nightingale portraits in the style of Paul Klee in art. They have made lanterns and written diary recounts as Florence Nightingale arriving at the hospital in Scutari.

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