A Review of the Spring Term

The Spring Term has been an extremely successful term for the children and I have really enjoyed watching the children mature and grow in their own self belief and independence. I am very proud of their achievements. 

Here are just a few things that we have enjoyed over the past few months. 

One of our main English units was based around crime fiction.  We have enjoyed reading a range of detective stories and then of course writing our own. We looked at techniques that the police use to solve their crimes including fingerprinting, DNA testing and chromatography. For many of us our favourite part was our Cluedo style whodunnit week whereby we helped Inspector Googlebox solve the crimes committed at Southwark Hall. 

In science we carried out investigations into light and how shadows change according to how near or far they are from the light source.  As part of out Science Week we made morse code machines using circuits.  It was hard to understand the messages as they were so long and I’m sure that the children much prefer to text each other! 

Computing was a firm favourite this term especially the work we did on Code Spark.  The children became experts at making their own platform style games and then sharing them for others to play. It was definitely something that some of the children thought would be a great career when they are older.  

In music the children learned to play the recorder. I think we’d all agree that we’re not quite ready to perform for a paying audience but who knows with another half term of practice we might get there! 

Dance and gymnastics helped us to develop our performance skills as well. The children are putting together a dance routine about change and moving on that we hope to share with the parents at the end of the Summer Term.

Alongside all of these things we have researched the ancient Maya and their beliefs and culture; analysed and critiqued the work of Frida Kahlo; painted our own portraits in the style of Kahlo and also enjoyed working alongside a theatre group after watching a whole school performance of A Christmas Carol. 

It’s ever wonder we we’re ready for Easter.  

Roll on the last term at Westlands and making lots more memories together. 

Mrs Al Agouri

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